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Troy Stewart seeks re-election

The Copiah County Courier has been authorized to make the following announcement for Troy Stewart, Sr., Hazlehurst City School Board:
“I, Troy Stewart, Sr.,  consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to represent county residents on the Hazlehurst City School Board.
“I am asking for your vote again on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.
“My mission is to help Hazlehurst City School District create a safe, positive and successful learning environment that instills in students the desire for knowledge and to want to be productive citizens.
“In my first year as a trustee, I have served with honor and integrity.  I have not accepted one penny of salary, nor any other benefit from the district.  I am truly serving the children, their parents and their teachers with my heart and soul.
“The city schools face many issues that need to be addressed over the next five years, including:
A shortage of certified teachers;
Increasing number of disciplinary issues;
Students who come to school unprepared to learn; and,
A decreasing tax base because of lost jobs.
Children who lack access to technology.
“We have purchased 300 new computers for classrooms over the past year.  We are working to provide a computer for every student in all grades so that their learning experience will be enhanced.
“We are working to raise the pay of workers throughout the district to attract more qualified and better teachers/staff and other workers.
“I worked extremely hard to earn a diploma or a degree at every level of education.  I was blessed enough to have strong adults in my life to push me to do better.  The urging made me a better student, a better person and a marketable commodity when I graduated from college.  I returned to Hazlehurst and Copiah County as a productive citizen who pays taxes and wants a better life for  our children.
“I will do everything in my power to make sure that the students in the Hazlehurst City School District are armed with the knowledge and self-awareness they need to have a chance to succeed at every level in life.
“Elect me on November 24 so that I and we can continue to strive for better opportunities for our children.
“Thank you for your continued support.”

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