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Garden club members prepare for annual Chautauqua Christmas

CHAUTAUQUA GARDEN CLUB members worked on decorations for the annual Chautauqua Christmas in Chautauqua Park at their Nov. 6 meeting at the Berch/Rutledge Family Lodge. Left to right are Lana Goolsby, Joan Kennedy, Becky Dionne, Tommie Barnhart, Louise Hughes, Tonya Herring, Sherry Jackson, Lori Kennedy, Geri McLendon, Mary Ellen Albritton, Ann Shannon, Kathy Lee, Betty Barrentine, Angie Greer, Nancy Belknap, and Betty Weston. Not pictured: Nan Harris

November 18 members of Chautauqua Garden Club will decorate at Chautauqua Park for the annual Chautauqua Christmas in Crystal Springs. They worked on decorations at their Nov. 6 meeting held at the Berch/Rutledge Family Lodge, Crystal Springs. Geri McLendon provided tips on preserving clean air and water. America has a steady supply of clean water. However, with much of the western United States in a severe, years long drought, attention is turning to water use and abuse. Conserve water at home by 1) capturing rainwater. 2) Shorten bath showers. 3) be resourceful and use every drop. 4) replace shower head with a conservation water one. 5) repair/replace dripping faucets. For cleaner air in the home follow these tips:1) vacuum regularly. 2) change filters regularly. 3) avoid chemicals. 4) gas stoves need to be well ventilated. 5) avoid tobacco smoking indoors. The December 4 Christmas luncheon will be held at The Magnolia Mansion Bed and Breakfast (the old Messer home) in Crystal Springs. The program will be on Historical Preservation.

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