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Inmate turns himself in

Clarence Williams

Freedom lasted less than a day for a Copiah County inmate who walked away from his work detail early Tuesday morning. His journey completed a full circle when he turned himself in about mid-afternoon Tuesday at the Copiah County Sheriff’s Office, the same place he walked away from as the detail prepared to head out early Tuesday morning. According to Sheriff Byron Swilley, Clarence Williams walked away from his work detail at 6:05 a.m. before the group left the Sheriff’s office. Williams returned to the sheriff’s office Tuesday afternoon with a friend and turned himself in to Swilley. Swilley said his job is a lot easier when the community is involved and commended everyone for their help in the case. “We brought every outlet we could to pressure him and feel that we were closing in on him, Swilley said. The community came together and helped. Williams was originally charged with burglary and will face additional charges related to the escape, Swilley said.

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