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Businesses should expect visitors

Jenn Greggory of Downtown Strategies will be in Crystal Springs for site visits Wednesday, February 5. The city’s Chamber of Commerce has contracted with Greggory’s company to put together a plan to strengthen the retail community. A team of Chamber of Commerce volunteers will escort her around town for this phase in the process of evaluating the local economy and developing a plan to grow the retail offerings in Crystal Springs. According to Shelly Jackson of the Chamber of Commerce, Greggory will be in town to evaluate our market, get feedback from community members, and gather other information to help her make recommendations to improve the local economy. Greggory will meet early that morning with the Chamber team and together they will plan their day. Jackson wants stakeholders in the local economy to be prepared to visit with Greggory if she and her team drop in on them. Once this phase of information gathering is concluded, Greggory will develop and then present a plan with a list of recommendations that the town and business community will be able to act on to continue growing the local economy.

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