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We answer the call, no matter what

Mississippi and Copiah County have been sandwiched between two major hurricanes that struck the southeast over the past several days.  Harvey devastated southeast Texas on Labor Day weekend, followed by Irma pummeling Florida on Sunday.  We have been lucky, for sure.
Once again the people of Copiah County have risen up to help our neighbors in the stricken areas.  Dozens and dozens of local volunteers have gathered and delivered food, water and clothing, ‘flood buckets’ for cleaning up homes and other structures and other basic necessities that will assist victims of Harvey and Irma in getting their lives back together.   We have been called, and we are answering with our actions.
Many of those in need will require our assistance for months down the road.  The devastated areas, in many cases, are simply too laid to waste for anyone to move back in right away.  Let’s continue to pray for them and to send help and aid, joining the effort of thousands of other Mississippians.  We’ve been there before, and they have done the same for us.