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It’s my turn to protest

NFL – I’m done with you.  (Unless the Cowboys, Saints or Patriots are playing). All of your teams have been unfollowed on my social media accounts.
ESPN – You’re not being watched in my home.  None of your, like 12 channels, are lighting up the TV screen.  Nor are your websites, apps, etc., being hit by our mobile devices. (Unless Mississippi State is playing.)
And, just to throw this in: FOX NEWS, CNN et al – I’m out.  Night in, night out, it’s the same thing.  I can record the evening news shows once every six months, watch them and be caught up.  Watching old re-runs of Miami Vice on ELREY is much more enjoyable. (The first two seasons, at least.)
Politics and social agendas have almost ruined everyone’s favorite season – including mine.  Football season is the time to unwind and bring balance to our lives.  Can we please just get back to it?