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Legal notices should remain in the paper

HB 1131, the bill to allow local governments to choose whether they continue publishing public notices in local newspapers or instead post to a “free, publicly accessible” website, should die an immediate death in the state legislature.
First of all, this newspaper, like dozens of others around the state, uploads all legal to a site that is accessible to anyone for free ––and has been since 1999.  The site includes searchable features and can be accessed anywhere, any time, for free.
Secondly, any ‘savings’ from not publishing legals ads in the newspaper is countered by the inefficiency of government agencies.  How many more workers would be hired to handle each agency’s notices? We are the professionals in the legal notice business. Government is not. Leave it to the newspapers
Finally, do you really want state government to take over another function that should be handled by the private sector?