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Newsprint tariffs reversed

This newspaper and thousands of others in the U. S. received a good bit of news last week when the International Trade Commission reversed the tariffs imposed on Canadian-imported newsprint earlier this year.  If left as it was, newsprint users faced a tax of 30% or more, which posed an enormous threat to this publication and others like us in the state.
Sen. Roger Wicker’s assistance helped turn it around when members of the Mississippi Press Association, including myself, began to get his attention with visits, phone calls, emails, text messages and the like.  He eventually testified against the tariffs to the ITC.  Other newspaper industry giants, the News Media Alliance and the National Newspaper Association, combined with all other state press associations in the country, helped open Sen. Wicker’s eyes to the adverse affects of the tariffs on community newspapers.
Since the news broke, we have been breathing a little easier around here.  Your newspaper will continue to arrive on time each week with information about your community.  Jobs have been saved.
Thank Sen. Wicker if you get a chance.