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Pull ’em close and hold ’em tight

Tuesday is Christmas Day, and this year more than ever we need to be as close to family and friends as possible.  Over the past few days we’ve been reminded that we really never know what could happen in a single moment.

 Around Copiah County people are counting their blessings and realizing that the true spirit of Christmas comes from one’s heart and is best exhibited when shared with others.  Many are seeing that the spirit of Christmas should remain with us year round.

We are here on earth for one reason–to do all things to glorify God–and, the ability to choose to celebrate birth of Christ in our actions, in our words and with hugs and visits signals that God created us in his own image.  We are able to love because God loved us first.

 We hope that, like us, you will spend time with your family and friends over the next few days thinking of how blessed you are and just how fragile life is.  Never take one moment with someone you love for granted, and make the most of your life with them.

As I heard someone say over the weekend, “Pull ‘em close and hold ‘em tight…you just can’t do that too much.”

 Merry Christmas from our little corner of the world.


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