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No surprise: Congress’ ratings at all time lows

By: Joe Buck Coates

A poll by Gallup early Tuesday morning showed that “Americans’ of approval rating of Congress is at all time lows, dipping into single digits.”  No duh.

According to Gallup polls taken for a little over thirty years, Congressional approval ratings have rarely gotten much above 40 percent of Americans’ favorable opinions.  And, none of the members of Congress should ever wonder why–especially right now. Furthermore, the more Congress ‘does’, the worse life in America gets.

The reality is that Congress is in its own world.  The body is so far removed from the real life of Americans that it has become near royalty to us pheasants.  Democrat- and Republican-members of both houses alike claim that they are for the ‘working man’.   According to Gallup, some 90%+ of Americans disagree with them.  Count me as one!

An example of that comes from House majority leader Harry Reid, the ‘D’ from Nevada.  He stated last week that oil and coal are making us sick, and that we must cease using fossil fuels in America as sources of energy.  Both oil and coal have only been the backbone of American commerce–and have contributed to our high quality of life–for over 100 years!  And, both are still relatively cheap!  While I agree that we need to begin using our own resources of oil to help lower the burdens we all must shoulder each day and each month, I truly believe that he is out of his gourd.

Working class gets the short end of the stick

Almost in an ‘in-your-face’ sort of way, most members of Congress take care of ‘numero uno’ first, and their cronies next. Americans rarely see any real benefits of Congressional legislation. Political action committees and large lobbying firms have corrupted what was left of any truly devoted elected officials in Washington, allowing the members of Congress to live high on the hog and excluding themselves from the same rules by which we live.  And yet, we keep electing them.

This ruling class that we enable has no idea what affect high gasoline and food prices have on regular Americans with families, real jobs and real life issues.  These elites don’t worry about high energy bills.  They have no clue what we hard-working stiffs face when members of our families need surgery or are chronically ill or have to choose between medicine and fuel.  They haven’t an iota about when times get hard and business drops off and towns begin to dry up.

Gov’t is the problem; we are the solution

The American way for centuries has been that we pull up our boot straps, solve our own problems through enterprise, rely on each other for help in the tough times, defend our freedom tenaciously, ensure liberty and justice endures for subsequent generations and live by God’s guiding principles.  The U. S. Congress today sees this as a threat to their livelihood, creating failed program after failed, costly program to buy just enough votes to remain the fat sow to the suckling pigs.

Instead of limited government and allowing the market place to make everyday needs, such as health care, food, fuel and housing, more affordable, our brain-deads on the Potomac devise ways to keep Americans from easily obtaining necessities of life, and take more money from our pockets every time they pass new legislation that helps a few and makes little sense.  Government at the federal level is so bloated, so out of touch and so out of control that eventually it will implode on itself.  A changing of the guard is long overdue.

Some of you may be excited about certain facets of this year’s presidential election; however, I do not concur.  No matter where your candidate stands on the myriad issues that each thinks matters to us, both of them are still United States senators and are included in the same bunch that are getting less than 10% approval ratings right now.

So, don’t look for the U. S.Congress–or next President– to solve any problems–real or perceived–that you and the rest of the country are facing right now.  Hope and pray, instead, that they stay out of it so we can work them out ourselves.  I guarantee that we can, because we always have.

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