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Need your vote next Tuesday, but vote wisely

by Joe B. Coates

By the time this edition of the Courier is delivered to your home, many of you will have made up your mind for whom you will vote next Tuesday. And, that’s okay. Many of us have not made up our mind, yet, but will by Tuesday morning.

The most important election, perhaps in the last 30 years, needs all voters to cast their ballots. The direction of our country for the next 10-12 years will be decided in the presidential and congressional contests. Furthermore, the direction of our state supreme court hangs in the balance, as well. The outcomes of all the contests will not only affect you, but also your children and possibly your grandchildren.

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, be an informed voter. Such voters make up the backbone of our democracy and are the true policy makers in our society. An informed voter is the most powerful person in our democracy and an American patriot. Those who have not done their homework on the candidates and, instead, vote for whomever they are told to vote or cast their ballot based solely on the warm and fuzzy feelings created by a candidate are doing themselves and America a disservice.

Study the candidates and their stance on the issues carefully. Cast your ballot according to the values that have made America the greatest country on earth and for which lives have been lost on the battlefields of the world throughout our history–the values of hard work with its due and just rewards, helping those who can’t help themselves through charity and volunteerism and the freedom to use our own individual talents to succeed, or fail, and the responsibility to contribute to the overall good of society. Be reminded that bigger government involvement in every facet of our lives is not what makes America great–it hinders liberty at all levels and creates less of a desire for individuals to strive to succeed and to give back to society. In fact, it creates over-reliability on wasteful government programs that are funded by higher taxes paid by the working class. I’m getting off the topic a little here…please cast your vote next Tuesday and vote wisely.

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