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Buying locally is always best


You’ve seen the numbers.  You’ve heard what the leaders are saying and forecasting.  Perhaps you’ve even become a direct statistic of the economy of late.  Everyone knows that times are tough.

That is precisely why we need to purchase our goods and services locally, now more than ever.

Every dollar that is spent in our communities and in our area helps out so many people down the line.  Economic statistics show that for every dollar spent in a community, that dollar turns over six times in the local economy.  Your local purchases sustain the economy by keeping and creating more local jobs.  Wages stay competitive and may increase steadily as another result.  Your own livelihood is more secure, too, when you purchase goods and services locally.

Of course, buying locally provides more tax revenues to our municipalities.  The revenues help shore up budgets for better roads, better city services,, better curb appeal and most importantly, better fire and police protection.  The municipalities can hire more fire fighters and policemen and public works personnel and pay them better.

  Making your purchases locally is a convenience, as well.  Fuel prices have eased tremendously, but lots of money can be kept in your pocket by making a short trip to one of our retailers for your needs instead of turning north on I-55.  Traffic problems are minor in our communities compared to what you will face north of here.  Returns are more easily handled, too, as local store owners want to keep you happy.  Our communities have a great selection of retailers waiting to help you!  Furthermore, what you may not find in Hazlehurst, you may find in Crystal Springs or Wesson, and so on.  The drive in the county is still much shorter than otherwise.

Service providers in our area are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you with your decision.  From tire dealers to building contractors to medical providers to financial and banking matters to legal advice to childcare providers to auto sales to automotive maintenance and body work professionals, etc.,– each has their own unique way to serve their customers.  The end result remains the same–complete satisfaction.

Like shopping on the internet?  Several of our area businesses have their own established websites that make shopping locally even more comfortable. Others are connected to corporate websites that credit the local company back with the sale.  So, even internet purchases can be made locally.

So, remember your neighbors who are local business owners and operators.  More than ever, we need to make every effort to shop our local retailers and service providers for the things we want and need. By porchasing locally –short term and long term– we limit or even avoid the major effects of cyclical downturns in the overall economy.  Jobs stay home.  Towns and cities keep tax rates low.  Quality of life improves.  Everyone benefits, even you!

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