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Ready to serve you as Chamber president

For years we have been involved directly with the Hazlehurst Area Chamber of Commerce and have enjoyed a  mostly positive relationship with the organization.  Our former owner Jim Lambert believed in the chamber’s ability to impact the community in positive ways, while also enhancing the opportunities for its members.  Mr. Lambert also knew that the organization was at its best with strong leadership and a wide-variety of members.

Although many facets of the chamber have changed over the years, the aforementioned remains the same.  Over the past year your chamber has been in the hands of a group of local business men and women who have had the best interest of the community of commerce and trade and the community of consumers in their hearts.  They’ve proven it with their decisions and actions.

The Board of Directors has been presided over passionately by David Brunt who helps operate Stringer Family Funeral Services in Hazlehurst and Crystal Springs.  Brunt, who has also served as a director the previous two years and will continue in an ex officio role, has done a solid job as president.  He exits office with a membership count that is growing and a positive record of orderly and proper conduction of the organization’s business.

The remainder of the board have made a great effort to keep the chamber active in community and civic affairs and to provide better benefits to the organization’s membership.  Board meetings have been well-attended and productive.

Working committees are taking shape that are going to help local businesses with 21st century needs.  You may be called on to volunteer your time and expertise for such committees.  If so, consider service to your chamber seriously, and use the opportunity to improve your chamber and your community.

As of Tuesday evening’s banquet, I am serving as president of the organization.  The first time I was involved in the chamber was shortly after I was hired here by Mr. Lambert, over 12 years ago.  He encouraged me to get involved for many reasons, mainly to help the preserve the chamber as business community’s leading advocate, but also to give back to those who help sustain us.  Your encouragement and advice is welcomed in 2009.

Again, I will be blessed with a hard-working, passionate board that will make my job easy.  I welcome the opportunity to serve the organization in this leadership role and to serve the entire community of Hazlehurst.  I also welcome your input into our role as your chamber and how we can help you.  Contact me at 601-894-3141 or send email to


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