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Chamber memberships highest in years

As of the printing of this edition of the Courier, the membership of the Chamber of Commerce has grown to 90 members in 2009–the most in at least the past ten years, and believed to be the most in two decades, executive director Randall Day reported recently.  In 2007, membership reached 89.

Included on the roster of members are 19 first-time members.

The new memberships and the high number of members indicates that the Chamber of Commerce is regaining its strength and influence in business and community affairs.  The current Board of Directors includes a good cross section of small and larger business owners and operators.  The directors take their roles seriously and have achieved good results for the membership over the past several years.

The numbers indicate, too, that businesses in Hazlehurst believe in helping each other–even in highly competitive situations–knowing that the greater good of the community is served when everyone pulls in the right direction.

Memberships in the Chamber are reasonable and come with many tangible benefits.  Contact the office today to see what joining can do for you.

Joe Buck Coates, president, Hazlehurst Chamber of Commerce

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