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Huge December events shaping up in Copiah County

December is finally here, and, as always, Copiahians have much on the entertainment menu for the month.

Christmas parades dot the next few days around the area, starting with Wesson’s this Friday at 4 p.m.  Crystal Springs follows on Saturday with their presentation at 10 a.m.  Hazlehurst closes out the parade season on Monday at 6 p.m.  All three have been planned for months.  All three offer something unique from the others.  And, all three will be fun, so make an effort to attend one or all of them.

In addition to the parade on Friday, Wesson will be the scene of Christmas with Friends immediately following.  Downtown merchants will be open late.  Area restaurants and other food service providers will be serving.  Many activities for children of all ages will be presented.  Live music and other entertainment by local performers are scheduled.  Refer to page 10A for more information and for the schedule of events.

In only a few short days, Journey Stories, a Smithsonian Travelling Exhibit, will be on display in Hazlehurst at the Depot Museum.  Several related events will be held in communities throughout the county during the exhibit’s stay, which begins December 12 and runs into January.

The exhibit is notable not only for its roots in the Smithsonian Institution, but also because Hazlehurst is the smallest town in Mississippi to host the event–and one of only six.

More importantly, an opportunity to host more culturally related exhibits in the future is presented and should be taken seriously.  Many locals have worked long hours behind the scenes to make this important event a reality.  They will be recognized in later editions of the Courier.

Additionally, the exhibit will drive tourists to the area seeking to experience a slice of life from our rich past.

So, not only should we be enjoying the Christmas season in Copiah County, but we also should be showing the rest of world that our communities are alive with enthusiasm for arts and entertainment.  Let’s make sure our physical and psychological curb appeal is strong.

Joe Buck Coates

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