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The 5-year-old’s dilemma

He turned 5 today at 12:39 p.m.  Mine and KK’s youngest can hardly stand it, too.

In the weeks leading up to his birthday the anticipation of turning school-age and wanting to be ‘big. . . like my Daddy’ has nearly eaten him up.  He woke up this morning wanting to know how many more birthdays he would have, how long it would take him to get ‘big’ and wishing he could be tall.  Amazing what powers of the mind 5 year olds have!

Of course it does us no good to try to explain to him that he’s having the time of his life and the older he gets the tougher it is to be ‘big.’  Just this weekend during the snowfall, he figured out quickly how to roll up a big snow man and make snowballs to throw at Daddy and Mommy–memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. He could have stayed and played in the snow all day if we’d let him!

These past five years spent watching Grayson grow from a sweet little helpless infant into aspiring big boy have been special.  We can hardly wait to see what the next five will bring.  So, here’s a big Happy Birthday to Grayson Cole Coates!

Joe B. Coates


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