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Copiah County’s only food pantry needs our help

Two sweet ladies came by my office on Monday wanting to “get something in the paper that won’t cost anything.”  Half-jokingly, I responded, “Get in line.  It seems we’ve had more and more requests like that lately.”  The look in their eyes told me this was no joking matter.  After listening to them, I concurred.
The two ladies, Donna Sue Wilson and Brenda Martin, were here on behalf of Bethesda Methodist Church.  More directly, they were here to discuss a fund raiser the church is having to purchase a newer delivery van for the church’s food pantry.  (Yes, Bethesda has a certified food pantry that serves 120 individuals and families each month.  The church has operated the pantry for 19 years.)
You see, the van they have used since 1992 has traveled over 300,000 miles, making a twice-monthly trip to Jackson and back to bring food back to the pantry for distribution.  The van is 26 years old, they said.  A fund-raiser just for a $3,500 repair was held earlier this year.  Recently, a mechanic simply told them that the truck is worn out and is not worth the money to repair, creating an urgency.
“Lots of folks with absolutely nothing depend on us for food each month.  Of course, they have to be certified, but they truly have no money and no means.  If we can not raise the money to purchase a newer van, we’ll have to close the pantry.  Hundreds will go without food,” Mrs. Wilson said.
They don’t want–or need–a brand new van, just one the will be able to make the trip and keep the pantry open.
Please consider this ministry as one that you will donate to over the course of the next few weeks.  It is completely staffed by volunteers and is highly important to many who have nothing.  Contact Wilson at 601-613-7914 or Martin at 601-894-4733.
Joe Buck Coates

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