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Go4th and celebrate our independence

Having a community fireworks display in town on Independence Day evening is a topic that has been kicked around for years.  I’ve heard it discussed in Chamber meetings, by folks who come into our office and even in the checkout line at the grocery store–and, folks usually bring it up around this time of year.

“It would be great to have fireworks at Lake Hazle on Independence Day,” is an oft-spoken sentiment.  “What if we had a big Fourth of July celebration around town like other communities do?” is a frequent question posed.

Years have passed since a community-wide event was held at Lake Hazle, one in which everyone could enjoy.  No one person nor any particular group or organization has taken the initiative to organize such a seemingly gargantuan task.  A reason often given is that people just want to stay home and enjoy the day off.  Another, it’s just too hot.  Another still, Lake Hazle needs to be spruced up before any kind of promotional event can be held there.

Well, excuse the excuses, but some folks have stepped up to the plate.

Kudos to the leaders and members of the First Baptist Church of Hazlehurst, who have been inspired to do both–sponsor a fireworks display and have a community-minded event at Lake Hazle–on July 4.  Titled as ‘Go4th’, the event includes a 4-mile run/walk that begins at 7:30 a.m.  Then, beginning at 1:00, families will enjoy music, games, food and fellowship while celebrating our nation’s independence.

The fun continues into the evening with a professional fireworks display at dark–who doesn’t like fireworks on the Fourth of July?  Best of all, the entire event is free!

Having been involved in the planning of a big community-minded event, I appreciate the tireless efforts of those involved with planning Go4th.  As in many other events around our communities, these folks are volunteers and work to put on a first-class show, sometimes late into the evening and on weekends.

We can show our appreciation with our attendance and participation on Monday.  Yes, it’s going to be hot–it’s early July.  One of the great thing about scenic Lake Hazle is the abundance of shade trees and picnic areas–along with rest rooms on the northern side.  

So, break out the red, white and blue.  Stay for a while.  Go cool off, then come back for the evening activities.  You’ll be impressed and appreciative of the time spent organizing and putting on Go4th, and of the camaraderie of spending time celebrating the birth of our nation with family and friends.  (Visit for more info.)

Joe Buck Coates

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