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New Region 8 center badly needed

The doors are finally opened on the shiny new Region 8 Women’s Alcohol and Drug Residential Treatment Center.  Remember, not too long ago, most folks riding through the Hwy. 28 corridor in Hazlehurst could see the cranes tearing down the old church building that was located there and kept asking themselves or others “Wonder what are they doing over there?”
Not long after they cleared the property of all the debris, dirt work began, then the iron and concrete workers came in and a couple of more cranes starting lifting materials, and people still wondered “what are they doing over there, now?”
Even still, lately, after the outside of the facility was completed and landscaping was installed, folks make the “what in the world is going in there?” comments.
Copiah Countians can certainly be proud to have it.  Not only does it make Region 8’s services more accessible, but it also opens the door for those around the state in need of their services.  As Dave Van, Executive Director of Region 8, said last Wednesday, “With this new center we can reach out and affect those women with alcohol and drug problems, and help them get back on their feet, better than ever before.”
Copiah County can be proud, too, that Steve Amos, who serves not only as our Chancery Clerk, but also on the Region 8 Commission that includes several other counties, played a major influential role in getting Region 8 to commit to building the facility here, instead of in Lincoln or Simpson counties or elsewhere.  All told, Region 8 has invested around $5 million in that little block of Hazlehurst over the past 10 years.  Moreover, their mental health services have helped many, and their job opportunities have boosted the local economy.  Steve has been passionate and outspoken about the need for this type service facility for years, as well.
Copiah County can be proud of its Board of Supervisors for choosing Region 8 as the mental health care service provider for the county, too.  The county does have a choice.  I suspect in the short and long runs, the board members are and will continue to be highly pleased with their partnership with Region 8.
Joe Buck Coates

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