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Plenty of feedback from last week


Last week’s column where I proposed a Copiah County Sports Hall of Fame received a good bit of feedback.  I saw a couple of you on the street and a few of you called.  I appreciate the comments.
One such was where would a CCSHOF be located?  That was one aspect I didn’t cover in my piece last week.  But it got me to thinking. . .

One existing facility that was mentioned as an option is the Milsaps Hotel in downtown Hazlehurst–a building that has sat rotting and crumbling for a least 20 years and is an eyesore at the very least.  Currently, a push is on by the Calling Panther Heritage Foundation to secure a grant to enclose it and keep the elements from doing more damage to the inside of the structure.  Turning it into a blues museum, a business incubator or a community/cultural arts center are some of the ideas being pursued as an ultimate goal of the old hotel.

Could it be re-invented as a sports hall of fame for the county?  Maybe.  As bad a shape as Milsaps Hotel is in, someone would have to write a big check to completely renovate it, bring it up to modern codes and install modern technology, as private funds would have to be used.  Otherwise, the Foundation will be using grant money to do the same for another purpose.

What do you think?  Where would you like to see a Copiah County SHOF placed?  Should it be a new facility?  Should it be housed in an existing building with historical aspects?  Drop us a line, come by or email us your thoughts.  (email:; phone: 601-894-3141.)

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