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Maybe they just need more recess time

By Joe B. Coates
I’ve been seeing more and more reports lately about how children learn and what sort of environment is best for most children to learn in.  
Recently, Move to Learn, which is a statewide action that has a goal of increasing physical activity in children in Mississippi, launched its second year of providing healthy lesson plans and fitness videos.  The movement was created out of the results of several studies that show what we all know–that increased exercise in school children leads to better test scores, less absenteeism and fewer troubles.  Teachers utilize the fitness videos found at the organization’s website,, as part of their daily instruction, getting the students to exercise and burn energy.
Numerous testimonial videos are found on the website as well.  I pulled up a few of the exercise videos, as well, and got a big kick out of just watching how the children enjoyed the various dances.
With so much focus on test scores and Common Core and all the other standardized measurements over the past several years, federal and state education bureaucrats have lost sight of common-sense tools to improve education.  Many parents, too, have shoved parenting on to iPads and XBox’s and PC’s and such.  Physical exercise, I believe, is the best tool to enhance learning.
So, as this program – which seems to have a bit more planning and thought involved than some of its predecessors – begins to sink in over the state, perhaps the bureaucrats will decide that recess is the most important part of the school day.  I’d vote for it to be.

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