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KCCB is a jewel for the county

Copiah County has long had a problem with litter and waste along our roadsides, in our communities and just about everywhere.  Most of the problem can be traced back generations and to, well, people just not caring very much.

Keep Copiah County Beautiful, an organization that has been around for a few years, has made a recognizable dent in these problems–so much so that KCCB has earned several awards, most recently for assisting with recycling efforts in the county.  The individuals that make up the board of the organization and the volunteers who serve on its committees are changing attitudes in this county.  KCCB has worked in the schools aggressively to arm our children with knowledge of the pitfalls of litter and waste strewn about the landscapes of this great part of the state.  The organization has worked hard to bring grant funds into the county to make recycling easier for the average resident.  Everyone is taking notice.

So, when you see folks like KCCB board members Nora Berch, Kim Palmer, Linda Phillips, Mayor Sally Garland of Crystal Springs and others, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.  They are changing Copiah County for the better!

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