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Four reasons to enjoy spring

1. The color is back!  Green eaves are filling in the blank gray spaces on the trees.  Dead grass is giving way to new green shoots.  Flowers are blooming everywhere.  Birds are returning, and it’s time to start diggin’ in the garden, cutting grass and trimming bushes.

2. It’s baseball and softball season.  What better way to enjoy the extra hour supplied by an act of Congress than to visit a local ball field and support your local team?  Kids and youths of all ages would love to see you.  Just the aromatic smell of grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage dogs is worth the trip.

3.  Fishing.  The bass and bream are spawning, stirring up the excitement at the possibility of landing the ‘big one’.  Lakes, streams and ponds are beginning to warm up, coaxing the fish towards the shorelines for easy picking.

4.  Bright smiles abound, and many folks are just in a better mood.  After the season of winter, which seems to get longer each year  and affects our collective mood, spring is a time of renewal and a reminder that Mother Nature does in fact have a redeeming kindness.  Get out and enjoy!

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