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How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Years ago, I thought  Earth Day (April 22) was just another liberal pinko-commie holiday created at the behest of the environmentalist movement–the same folks that brought us the EPA and the DEQ and a host of other environmental regulatory agencies that have harassed real estate developers and slowed industrial growth in America for decades.  “Humans are destroying the planet!”, they cried, and  “We are bringing Mother Nature to her knees!” and so on.

In my view, Hurricane Katrina was a stark reminder that we have very little or no impact on Mother Nature.  It’s the other way around.

I do appreciate our planet and work hard to beautify and maintain the environment in which I live and work.  I pick up trash that is big enough to be noticed and put it in a trash bag made of biodegradable material, keep the grass cut with 10% ethanol gasoline in my low-polluting riding lawn mower, kill red wasps with non-areosol spray, put empty plastic bottles in recycling bins wherever they are available and weed the flower beds by hand instead of spraying powerful (and expensive) chemicals that kill everything.

I still wonder, though, why moving to plastic grocery bags away from the paper sacks we grew up with was met with such glee by some of these folks.  Wood (a natural product) breaks down much more quickly than man-made plastic and burns cleaner.

Oh yeah. . .the trees…..the trees.

Seriously, though, do your part for the environment.  Just. Don’t. Litter.

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