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Don’t forget what Sunday is

Do you ever get tired of modern technology?  Smart phones, laptops, handhelds, iPads, apps, text messaging, emails, instangrams and the like?

Most of us working adults are truly running the ‘rat race’, now more than ever.  We are overcome with technology, that, they said, would make our lives easier.  In many ways, yes, new technologies that have been created over the past decade or so have improved our lives or somehow made them better. One example is how we can all communicate instantly–through the use of social networking over fibre optic cable and cell tower air waves–with family and friends what we are doing, thinking or saying at a particular moment in time.  All we need is the right app or the right phone or whatever. 

But, modern day technology has a big disadvantage over times past.  We don’t see in person those we love as much as before all the instant messaging.  Yes, we can keep in touch much easier, but social networking has made neighbors strangers to each other. And,  just dropping by to see an old friend or family member in person has been replaced with Skyping or texting.  We seem farther apart.

Let’s all slow down and show more genuine appreciation for those we love–in person.  Make that effort your priority to your mother, your wife, your grandmother or any other special mom in your life this weekend.

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