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Don’t forget about voting in the federal primary

The 2016 federal election road trip has made its way into our great state.  If you blink, however, you may miss it.  Mississippi has such few electoral votes (6) which decide presidential elections– and we get so much returned to the state in the form of transfer payments–that the candidates barely bother to ‘run’ here.  Sure, next Tuesday’s party primaries here  won’t decide who will win president, but don’t count on a South Carolina type last minute push by the candidates of either party to sway your vote.

Still, I will vote in the primary next Tuesday because someone spilled blood on foreign soil to secure my freedom and ensure my voice in government.  I am compelled to vote.  By not doing so, I give up my right to complain if things don’t go how I think they should.  Perhaps the overall choices on either side are not ideal (see Sample Ballot, page 1)–and I think Mrs. Clinton should do the honorable thing at this point and pull out of the Democratic race–but take the time to cast your ballot next Tuesday.  Your polling place will conveniently be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the poll workers are ready for you.

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