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Four years ago we put out our first issue of Game Time.    Of all the years my staff and I have been in the newspaper business, that was the first time we ever put together a magazine.  And, it turns out, we did a pretty good job.
Each year since, we’ve learned a little more, and we’ve had good success with two other magazines that coincided with the 150th anniversaries of Wesson and Hazlehurst.  We’ve also tweaked this publication a little here, and a little there, making a few improvements. I think you’ll agree that this one is our best, yet.
We want to thank the following for assisting us again this year: Henry Poole, who handles the Crystal Springs Tigers; Tracy Fischer, who contributes Wesson Cobra sports photos and game information; Co-Lin’s Natalie Davis, Jimmie Cain and Lucas Calvert, who provide us with photos and stories about the Wolves; Jimmy Crockett, who runs Crockett Action Shots and handles  sports photography for us for the schools and youth sporting events around the county; and the staff of the Meteor and the Copiah County Courier for coming together to make this magazine idea come to life each year.
One aside I’d like to pass along is that we do our dead-level best to be fair to every school in county.  We pursue the coaches of each fall sport for interviews so that we can tell their story in this issue.  Catching up with these ladies and gentlemen is tougher during the summer break because of seminars, conventions, vacations, and, well, its summer.  Sometimes, we miss the connection with a coach or two, even after several phone calls, emails, text messages and attempting to reach them through other people.
We want to say “Thank You” to all the coaches, athletic directors, administrators and others that work behind the scenes to help us retrieve all the information that goes into this yearly special edition–and in the paper each week during the season.  Your assistance is crucial to our sports coverage.
We certainly appreciate the advertisers who make this issue–and our weekly print and digital editions–possible.  Visit them and thank them for their sponsorship and shop with these local businesses first.
Finally, to our readers, each and every week: THANK YOU!  You are our lifeblood.
So, sit back and relax and enjoy the fourth edition of Game Time.  Chock full of wholesome sports goodness, it’s a keeper.

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