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Grades not teachers’ fault

So, the grades for our local schools are out, and they aren’t good.  C’s, D’s and F’s just don’t cut it. We all know that.  And, just like with the rest of today’s society, we are looking for someone to blame.
Don’t start with the teachers. All of the teachers that I know personally, and all of the ones that I meet at our schools when I’m out taking photos are going above and beyond to teach what they are told to teach.  I haven’t met one single teacher in our area that is doing a bad job.  Maybe some are doing better than others, but I haven’t met a bad teacher, yet.  In fact, I haven’t met one who isn’t excitedly dedicated to his or her students, who is in it for himself or herself or who thinks their profession is a joke. Not in all my life.
Blame politicians.  Blame Washington. Blame Jackson.  Blame useless, unfit, unengaged mothers and fathers.  Blame the federal government for intervening in community schools and holding the schools hostage with federal programs and federal money.  Blame Obama.  Blame Bush. Blame Hillary.  Blame Trump. Blame society.
Just don’t blame the teachers.  They don’t deserve it.  I truly believe that they by-and-large sink their hearts and souls into their occupation expecting little appreciation. They have earned better than what they get–monetarily and otherwise.

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