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What do you expect?

All new municipal elected officials in Copiah County have been duly sworn and are in charge in Beauregard, Crystal Springs, Georgetown, Hazlehurst and Wesson.  Georgetown and Hazlehurst each have a new mayor.  Wesson has 3 new alderman.  Hazlehurst has one new alderman.
These officials learned much on the campaign trail, and without a doubt, each one heard an ear-full from constituents about their community’s problems. Each municipality faces unique issues, and they all face some issues that are similar.  The majority of voters elected the leaders because expecting that the most pressing issues will be resolved first, with the hope that other items will be handled in due time.  Furthermore, the candidates communicated their solutions to these issues and maybe even laid out a road map to tackle the toughest ones quickly.
Voters need to follow up with the leaders they elected and begin to hold the officials accountable.  Attend the monthly meetings (first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.) in your town and get to know these officials on a personal level.  Expect them to deliver!

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