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Start here, stay here

Shopping for school supplies is an exciting time of summer for school kids.  Those of us with children in school know all about it.  The glee and optimism is hard to contain as the open house and first day of school draw nearer.
We encourage all parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers and administrators to buy all supplies in Copiah County.  Shopping outside the county, whether by clicking your mouse, tapping your mobile device or driving to another town takes dollars out of our communities–dollars that keep jobs here and provide tax funds for public services.
I further urge you to consider shopping at our mom-and-pop operations first.  Some carry school supplies and spirit items.  For example, right here in Hazlehurst, Rose’s Discount Drugs not only stocks some supplies that you can find in big stores that are same quality and less costly in most cases, but they also carry some of the hard-to-find items.  Allred’s Pharmacy sells one-of-a-kind spirit supplies for state college teams–the type you can’t find anywhere else.  Other locally owned and operated retailers can help you as well, often with better service.
Everybody wins when you keep your school supply dollars in the county.   “Start here, stay here” I always say.

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