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RR Festival is unique to Hazlehurst – support it!

The ninth-annual Rockin’ Railroad Festival is upon us and will be held this Saturday in downtown Hazlehurst.  The event is presented each year by the Hazlehurst Area Chamber of Commerce is a major attraction for area residents.  Furthermore, it’s just a great way to enjoy a wonderful time with family, friends, neighbors–and even folks you may not know, yet.
The Chamber board members, the executive director and the RRF committee strive each year to raise enough money to put on a memorable event each year.  No age group is favored over another.  No musical genre is considered better than any others.   Attendance has exceeded expectations every single year.  Everyone will enjoy something, if not everything, that can only be experienced locally at this festival each year.
You’ve heard me say before, “Shop locally and keep your money in town.”  I’m urging you now to continue support Rockin’ Railroad with your presence and to show your appreciation to the volunteers that put it on.

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