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50 years . . . incredible

As we have been putting together the special magazine celebrating 50 years of Copiah Academy serving the county and surrounding areas, many, many people have come forward with stories of incredible sacrifice under extraneous circumstances of the men and women who built the existing structure on East Gallman road in 1970.  In just a few months, the plans were made and approved, money was raised (in such creative fashion), the land was cleared, the foundation was poured and the classroom structure was put up and running in time for the September start.  Most importantly, a few dozen people who became the school’s first members made a lifetime commitment to see that the school not only survived, but thrived and endured.  To the latter, it certainly has.
The Coates family has been around CA for most of its five decades.  The school educated all 5 of my mother’s and father’s children–throughout the first 20 years of its existence.  Our cousins on the West side of the family were also educated at Copiah Academy, as well as an aunt who was among the first graduating from the new school in 1971.  Now, some of Mom’s and Dad’s grandchildren are attending, ranging from pre-school through twelfth grade.
We congratulate CA and are grateful for the incredible successes the school has produced.

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