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They’re trying to kill local businesses

I was completely shocked and appalled by a post on social media Monday afternoon by a well-known Jackson TV station news anchor.  The post promoted Amazon’s Prime Day, when the online ‘store’s’ members can shop deals all day long or something.  I’m not a member of prime, nor will I ever be, so I’m not really on the up and up.
This well-known TV news personality evidently forgot about all the locally owned and operated brick-and-mortar businesses that dot the Jackson metro landscape.  They are people, like us, who depend on sales from local shoppers and businesses to make the bottom line each month, pay employees, keep jobs, and who also put dollars into the local economy, creating more jobs and more opportunities.  Furthermore, if I’m advertising on that local TV station or on their website right now and read that post, I’d pull my ads so fast it would make one’s head spin.  I would tell them the next time they came by my business to sell me something to instead call Amazon Prime and ask them.   And don’t come back.

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